AeroPress Brew Guide - Right Side Up Method

AeroPress Brew Guide - Right Side Up Method - Punctual Coffee

AeroPress/AeroPress Go Conventional 

Making a great cup of coffee with an AeroPress coffee maker has never been easier. Our simple step-by-step guide is a no-fuss way to ensure a great cup of coffee every time.

  1. Place an AeroPress filter inside the AeroPress filter cap and screw the filter cap onto the AeroPress base. Place the AeroPress on top of a sturdy mug.
  2. Tear open a Punctual packet and pour the contents into the AeroPress. 
  3. Pour recently boiled water into the AeroPress and ensure the water comes up to the ③ marker on the AeroPress or AeroPress Go.
  4. Stir a few times with a spoon or the provided stirring paddle and wait for roughly 1:30.
  5. Insert the AeroPress plunger into the AeroPress base and press slowly until all the coffee is out of the AeroPress and in your Punctual mug.
  6. Add water to taste. Enjoy!


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