Our Story

Founders of Punctual Coffee, Jordan and Ari smiling and holding coffee packets and a branded bubble mailer

We're on a mission to provide the highest quality, lightweight, coffee and gear for every adventure. Whether heading out on a bike ride, spending the day on the slopes, or finally gearing up for your bucket list road trip, we believe great coffee should be a part of every adventure. 

We're a small business based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We work exclusively with local packaging suppliers, local roasters, and local packers. 

Punctual packets are freshly roasted, ground, and precisely weighed, which makes brewing a perfect cup of coffee as easy as instant coffee. We hope Punctual packets will help you spend more time doing what you love and less time fussing with scales, grinders, and scoops.

Pack light, skip the scale, and leave your grinder at home. Punctual packets are adventure-ready coffee for your AeroPress.

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